Investments Choosing strong, solid partners

Our investment management affiliates combine value-based public equity and fixed income investing strate­gies with merchant banking activities such as venture capital and later-stage private equity. In recent years, LeFrak affiliates have been especially active supporting and making direct investments in promising early-stage start-ups across numerous industries and geographies.

Venture Capital & Private Equity

LeFrak investment management affiliates seek to augment their public equity investing activities via direct private investments in both early-stage and mature businesses.  With a highly entrepreneurial culture, LeFrak affiliates are comfortable investing at any stage – from early-stage (e.g., Angel, Seed, and Series A venture rounds) through to later-stage private equity.

As long-term investors with complete control over capital, LeFrak investment management affiliates differentiate themselves from other investors in their efficient decision-making and ability to invest without a pre-specified exit timeframe.  LeFrak affiliates also actively support portfolio companies in a manner that is often highly complementary to traditional sources of venture capital and private equity (i.e., via differentiated vertical industry knowledge and relationships).

Illustrative investments include:

Public Equities

LeFrak investment management affiliates invest significant capital in both domestic and foreign equities, with a focus on mid- to long-term value. Seeking opportunities in sectors that have strong macro-economic fundamentals, the company employs numerous research methodologies to identify stocks that are trading at attractive prices. LeFrak’s global investment strategy is to seek intrinsic value and frequently hedge the portfolio through a variety of methods including shorts, options, or derivative contracts.

Fixed Income

Through our affiliates, we also maintain a significant core portfolio of the highest quality fixed income investments. The extremely liquid core fixed income portfolio is completed by opportunistic investments across the credit spectrum in instruments ranging from corporate bonds to mortgage-backed securities.