Energy Investing in resources for our future.

LeFrak affiliates have been significant investors in oil and gas properties since 1971, seeking promising opportunities that create long-term value. The LeFrak Energy division’s “pathway for growth” includes expanding its reserve base through the acquisition of mineral and royalty assets and non-operated working interest in producing properties, as well as the drilling of development wells on legacy assets and acquired properties.  All of this is part of a continuing effort to put our more than 40+ years’ experience in the oil and gas industry toward sound future investments.

Producing Wells

LeFrak Energy affiliates own interests in more than 800 on-shore oil and gas wells with a significant proven reserve base. These related entities are currently active in North Louisiana, Permian, Mid-Continent, East Texas and other regions. As non-operators seeking to diversify exposure geographically and across multiple operating partners, our energy affiliates consider and analyze purchases of additional proven properties with strong production and substantial exploitation possibilities.

Well Statistics:

# of wells - 800

currently active in - North Louisiana, Permian, Mid-Continent, East Texas

Mineral & Royalty Interests

Given our long term history in both real estate and energy, the perpetual ownership of property below the ground is a natural fit for the LeFrak Energy division. Affiliates of LeFrak Energy own a substantial portfolio of mineral rights representing significant acreage positions located in multiple states. This is achieved via direct ownership, private partnerships as well as publicly-traded fee mineral and royalty companies. We continuously seek wise investments to augment our holdings in oil and gas mineral and royalty interests in the United States and Canada.

Mineral Statistics:

# of state active in - 10


LeFrak Energy affiliates continue to focus on the acquisition of mineral and royalty interests, as well as non-operated working interests in producing properties which provide upside in PUDs or undeveloped acreage as well as providing multiple objectives and significant running room. This is achieved through the purchase of directly owned assets, as well as partnership investments which focus on liquidity within a reasonable time frame. The LeFrak Energy division has also broadened its investment mandate to include the consideration of renewable energy opportunities.


Strong PDP base, long life, shallow decline. Development potential a plus.