LeFrak is a preeminent, family-owned property company committed to community development and long term ownership.  Our principles, consistently applied, have strengthened and deepened the expertise that supports our real estate leadership.

Beyond property, LeFrak investments are geographically diverse and span many business sectors. We have significant investments in securities, private businesses and energy.

LeFrak regularly enhances its real estate and non-real estate asset base with opportunistic investments across the United States and around the globe.

LeFrak affiliates today own and manage an extensive portfolio of real property concentrated in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area, as well as South Florida, Los Angeles and throughout the West Coast. Although we focus on the residential and office sectors, LeFrak affiliates also invest in numerous hospitality and retail assets.

Through our affiliated companies, we have developed and built the majority of our own real estate portfolio to become one of the world’s leading property firms, leveraging our internal development and construction management capabilities. The LeFrak brand is synonymous with excellence in design, construction, engineering, and urban planning, and our firm is acclaimed around the globe for the quality of its projects and its properties, its financial strength and conservatism, its entrepreneurial business model and its commitment to long term ownership.

Featured Properties

The Shoreline at Solé Mia
North Miami, FL

The Ellipse
Jersey City, NJ

Monarc at Met
Miami, FL

Live Nation
Hollywood, CA